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The Spaces Between
Community Collaborative Installation
Project Statement

It is uncertainty that allows for possibility. Presumably it's part of the process of creating. This is by nature an irreversible growth process — a dialogue that opens things up instead of closing them down. I can't imagine doing something-the content of which I know in a predetermined way.
I want to make sensible experience more present. People have much more knowledge than they realize. I try to reach the viewer by addressing the bodily and not just the mental/nonphysical being. The viewer/participant must take responsibility for being there; otherwise there is nothing there. Making Being Here Enough is just that. I don't mean it in the sense of dismissing the past and the future, but in taking what is here/now actively. It's like you're eating it. You are taking it in. It is the relationship between identity and location that fuels my desire to move the viewer out of the role of passive observer and into the role of producer.

Many thanks to the supportive individuals who came to the open studio art making sessions and contributed to our wonderful sense of community.

Priscilla Meyer
Cathy Chiles
Marilyn Lender
Margaret Ann Skalaski
Peter Dudley
Sally Morris
Aaron Leclair
Anne Cecil
Joan Morris
Mary Solnit
Marc Leclair
Rebecca Melburg
Freddie May
Kenny Sosa
J9 Burt
Sophie Gasque